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About Beyond the Event

I’m Juliana the founder of Beyond the Event, I grew up in Long Beach, but sometimes I call it Mi Playa Larga. I graduated from CSULB with a bachelor's in Child Development, I worked as a kindergarten teacher for 8 years, but I always found myself going the extra mile creating specific decor themes and styles for our classroom/ school yearly events. This is where I discovered that my passion for detail was meant for something greater than a four-wall classroom.


In my second to last year of teaching, I became a bride myself. I fell in love with putting together every small detail of the next chapter in my life. As a first-time bride and being the first one in my friend group to get married there weren't that many tips to bounced off when planning my big day. However, I stumbled upon a couple of hiccups, until I got myself a day-of wedding coordinator to make sure that at least on my big day my vision was executed. 


Shortly after my wedding, I contacted my coordinator to see if I could shadow to see if this is something I would want to do... and guys I fell in complete love watching the couple's visions come to life on their big day! That's when I realized this was my purpose, to bring that love and creativeness to all the beautiful love stories that are letting their love grow. The beauty I found as a coordinator & floral designer is that it was where a career and passion came together as a full-time job. I love helping place together with all the pieces of the event and watch their visions unfold on one of the biggest days of their new chapter as a newlywed. So the process became effortless because, when a couple chooses me, I choose you back, and then we are in it together. I love being part of where each individual couples wedding and follow wherever their love story takes them. 


The Small Details

NICKNAME: Jules/Julie (on the volleyball court/for short)

I AM: An Airforce Wife + a Fur Mom to one Husky and one German Shepherd/ Husky Mix

THINGS I LOVE: Crime Podcast, True Crime Documentary, Law & Order SVU 

ON FREE TIME: Spend time with my family


THINGS I DO BEFORE A WEDDING: Pick up DUNKIN ICED CARAMEL COFFEE that I may forget to drink! haha! AND if I get to pick up something to eat CHIPOTLE!

FAVORITE THING AT A WEDDING: The small unique details, that personalizes the couple. 

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